A Day In The Life Of My Underwear – A Big Gal’s Experience

by Christina Orekogbe on June 20, 2019

My little alarm clock rests on my table tick tocking away each inevitable second of the day, only to shake, rattle, and ring me to wake every morning. As I lay there in bed, half awake, half sleepy, I wish I could go back to sleep. But Alas! My little alarm clock has done its damage as usual!

From struggling to finally hop out of bed to my brain finally registering that I would be late for work, I quickly breeze through the rituals of brushing my teeth and bathing. Everything goes smoothly until I emerge from the shower and rifle through my cabinet for search for an appropriate bra.


Drawer full Lingerie

BANG! The shot’s been fired today again! For anyone who has had to shop for DDD+ bras, you’d know that if your cups runneth over like mine, finding a style that fits your needs- whether that includes showing your cleavage, having a good support or the feeling of comfortability is like looking for water in a desert.

Freaking impossible right? I have gone bra shopping so many times than I can count; but unfortunately, most brands don’t produce cup sizes for chicks like us. And the most painful part? These brands don’t design bras with variety of laces, colours and designs. Like, is it our fault?

So, here’s what I do to accommodate my style needs. You could learn a thing or two from it.

The first mistake I made when I started shopping for bras was to just look for a bra that could accommodate my babies. At the end of the day, it was either my breasts were almost popping out of my clothes or they were pressed tightly like cement on a wall.

Here’s what I did. I began to consider my breast shape. Since my breasts are round, I discovered that a plunge or triangular silhouette type feels more supportive, as it helps pull my breast tissues in on the sides.

For those with teardrop-shaped boobs, consider buying a demi or balconette style. And if you have a full bust, unlined bras are the perfect fit as they “round out the shape of your boobs” to give it a flattering look.

I also swap out bras on a semi-regular basis. With our cup sizes, you can bet that the bras wear out and stretch out easily. I know my bras have paid their dues when I see signs like slipping straps, frayed edges, exposed underwires, and of course, when my baby girls ain’t getting the good lift they are used to.

How your breasts look when not getting the right lift versus when they are getting the right lift

Oh! And one more thing, did I tell you that knowing what a proper fit feels like is extremely important? Here’s the trick: The gore- that piece of material between the two cups must lie flat on your chest and hit at the centre chest bone. The underwire should imitate the line of your breasts’ tissue and rest on the rib cage. And most importantly, your bra straps must never slip.

So, back to rifling through my closet, I pick out one of my recent purchases with a smile, wear it and happily dress up for work. The days for lamentation are over. *okay, scratch that* Not totally over – but at least, it wasn’t as bad as before. As I dress up, I ask the mirror,

“What do you tell the god of bra mishaps?”

“Not this morning! Not today!

Not for a long time coming!”

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