Bra Fitting Guide

At Bustimi, our mission is to ensure that you are wearing your curves with confidence!. Bringing comfort to everyday wear starts with wearing a bra that fits to perfection.

Our step-by-step guide section will provide you with some clever solutions to common problems, you can be sure to say goodbye to ill-fitting Bras for ever.

The Perfect FIT

Our boobs are complex, beautiful creatures, elusive to our attempts to mathematically define their right size. So while tape measurement can provide some guidance on size, we found that it is not always accurate due to individual’s breast unique shape. We have provided some steps to follow so as to ensure perfect fit bras at all time.

  1. The length of your straps should be adjusted enough to support the cup, but should also feel comfortable.

  1. The underband should sit horizontally level across your body, in line with the wires at the front.

  1. Your underband should be nice and snug when fastened on the loosest hook. You shouldn’t be able to pull it more than two inches away from your back.
  1. There should be no bulging or gaping at the top of the cups

  1. The wire should completely enclosing each breast, sit right in the crease underneath your breasts, and finish under your arms.

  1. The wire should sit flat against your ribcage, from the middle of your chest and along the crease of your bust, with absolutely no lifting away.