The Search For A Good Bra Ends Here

by Christina Orekogbe on June 19, 2019

The act of choosing a perfect fitting lingerie is very private and personal, not everyone can do this for you except they know you and your persona intimately or well enough to follow your instructions – instructions that only you can give with your eyes closed.

Bukky (Christina) Orekogbe, who comes from a family of big busted women (a mother’s blessing you can call it) from a very young age and up to adulthood have had to get use to the life with being big busted but not plus-sized thus having a kind of “smallish” waistlines in comparison.

Bukky and her mom at a dinner party

After years of searching and struggling to find the perfect fit, styles and textures for bras that makes life more comfortable, whilst attending an IED (Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Design) seminar, as part of her MBA program, the idea to create something truly unique came up, she wrote her MBA Thesis on this personal experience with a view to finding a solution. This idea birthed BustiMi Lingerie – a luxurious, comfortable lingerie range designed for big busted women who aren’t necessarily plus-sized.
The BustiMi brand seeks to enable voluptuous women to find and wear the right size, style and variety of bras as they rightly should

BustiMi Lingerie, stocks existing brands of undergarments that have been identified to be of good value and quality to support mostly our target niche of women in finding their sexiness right from within their wardrobe.
The journey to getting fully setup has been long, insightful and eye-opening so far, we are thrilled to say that we can now see the light at the end of the tunnel, watch this space for the BustiMi Brand of lingerie as well as certified big bust brands that will be stocked

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Whatever your style, be ready to pull it off in great style – even if its a K cup

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